Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Red Rocks with Durbs (Dec 6, 2014)

Weehaw! Angry sea gulls attempting to poo on me...
Made it out to Red Rock with Durbs the other day.  This article inspired us to get out there:

The only privately owned island in the bay... scrambling to the top is pretty sketchy... and is very sketchy after heavy rains like when we went out there.  And we were covered in red Manganese afterward.  A small price to pay for a fun adventure in the bay.

So many islands, so many waterways to explore.  Need to get out on the water a bit more.

the crux of the scramble... at least from this side.  
do not trust this rope... I repeat... do not trust this rope... 

Looking over at the Richmond Bridge.  The guy in the boat below was killing it with a fly rod.  I've never seen that before.  That looked like a fun activity.  
Summit shot!  We cooked up a bowl of miso at the top to chill.

funky shell
lots of seagulls

The fly fishin' master with the abandaned Coast Guard fog bell behind.  
note the difference in water level upon returning... and my boat floating in the water... dumb... 

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