Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Memorial Day at Lassen... again...

Another amazing Memorial Day Weekend in Lassen NP.  This year we joined the Souzas, Nickelsens, Hoefts, and Smiths at the camping cabins.  The drive is long, but it's a pretty sweet spot.  I'm ready to go back.

Fun weekend of road biking, skiing, trail running, SUP-ing, canoe-ing, hiking, spelunking, swimming, slacklining, and more...

took off Fri morning to do a training ride for my upcoming 1000k.  Passed by some Llamas, etc.. Here's my 200k  track.  
Stopped in Arbuckle at the same Taqueria I stopped in 4 days ago on my way home from Shasta.  Check out the size of these burritos!
Joined the family in napping up to Manzanita Lake.  Love this place!!!
Bald Eagle sighting.
We took the kids out on the lake for a sunset paddle and to take a look at Lassen.
Glowing pine cones...
The next morning the boys took off early for a ski/run mission.  Check out the scene at the Devastated Area parking lot.  
Barret was here a few hours ago.  He was on his way up to Shasta and our timing didn't work out for a campground beer... too bad.  
Kev and I took off an hour earlier on skis... I skied that gully looker's left of Kev.
Chased by these guys running in their microspikes.  I chased a guy from Truckee who was a ski patty at Jackson for the last 20 years.  Fun descent... check out the vid.  
Back at camp we were getting ready to lead the biker gang... 
When Nikko crashed and took me down with him... that hurt
Hammock swing
Girl Scout campfire dinners...
Kimbo enjoying the raging fire.
Kai paddled all the way across the lake!
Sunset, solo paddle...
The kids were happily playing on logs... 
Sam and I ran up Chaos Crags again.  It's a pretty sweet peak that you can run to from camp.  
The Chaos Crags devastated area... the "Jumbles" formed by a rock avalanche 300 years ago.  The "Struzstrom" sent rock debris at 100 mph flattening the forest and damming Manzanita Creek, creating Manzanita Lake.  
Looking back up at Sam
And down at Manzanita Lake. 
When we got back to the store... I saw this sign...
So we said, "we're outta here!" and went to the lava tunnels near by.  

And drive further north to Burney Falls.  That's Rob swimming in the nice 42 deg water...
The Souza Ladies
This place was so insanely crowded that I had to drop Kimbo and the kids off, then run back.  The only thing I told em was not to cross a bridge.  Guess what they did... cross a bridge.  
Anyway after running around for an hour, I found em and got Kai a matching snowcone.  
Nikko opted for the push pop.
Back at Camp... Nikko was quite silly on his sugar high.  
Kai loves his boat.
The kids like the Beach.  They could hang here for days... 
Soon we rounded up the kids for some Pinata busting for Riley's B-day!
Nikko giving his best shot!
back to the jumping log... 
More sausage...
And we opted to sleep in this morning.  I got up with Nikko and we made some breakfast croissants over the fire.  It turned out really nice.  
Then took Nikko out on a boat.  He said hi to the family of Geese.
The kids also loved this fort... 

And since everyone else took off early, the 505 crew got together to take some group shots... this one was a bit backlit...
Nikko didn't want to participate here...
So I forced him to.  
Then we tried (unsuccessfully) to recreate the shot of us in NZ with the kids... 
The kids were asleep with in 5 min of getting in the car.  
Strava links:

btw, to embed the Relive, here's the code I used - you just need to replace the highlighted mp4 with yours... by going to the source code and looking for "mp4".

  • Bring more things to cook on the fire... Korean grilling stylee, Kalbee, Bulgogi, with the cast iron on the fire and charcoal.
  • Take a night shot with the steel wool on the SUP.  
  • If the road is open, explore more of the park.  Maybe hike up Lassen with the kids.  
  • Do a longer bike ride up there... maybe
  • Do a morning run all three days... 
  • Pond Skim if possible at all... 

And check out the "Sleeping Giants"... a look at volcanoes in CA.

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