Monday, June 5, 2017

23rd Summit of Shasta

My annual pilgrimage to Shasta.

Every year around late - April I start getting a little anxious as I know Shasta is going to be prime soon.  With corn for 5000'+ ft, ski descent to the car, and a mountain bike ride on top of that on special years it's a trip that I can't miss.  A very special place for me, and hitting it right is a high priority of mine.

I've learned a lot from the mountain... it's taught me about wind, how quickly conditions can change, and what can happen when you aren't prepared.  And from these lessons, I've learnt to read the conditions.  My free time is getting more and more limited every year, so pulling these trips off really takes a bit of planning....

The morning before I had ran up to the top of Mt. Tam from our campsite at Pantoll Campground.  
And I checked the weather and knew it was gonna be money on Shasta tomorrow... so I didn't drink as much when chillin at Stinson with the crew and got in a nap on the way home.

looking forward to my drive...
Sunset on the bay.  Decided to drive up that evening and sleep at the trailhead.  Took the van as I didn't trust the Honda, and I've got plenty of room in the back for a nice bed... didn't even have to cuddle with my skis.  

Got up 5 min before my alarm, made tea, grits and I'm off.  Nice sunrise...
Helen Lake
Looking up at the Red Banks
Looking back Avy Gulch
Caught up with these three from Utah at the top...
Who took my summit pic.
love the summit log

Look down the Wintun side.  My plan was to cruise down about 3K so I can do a 10k day.  
Cool 22 deg halo along with a circumscribed halo on my boot pack back up.  It was quite lonely on that side.  No sign of human activity anywhere on the slopes.  
Angel Wings in primo condition.  Maybe I should've tagged her...
After cruising down Casaval, it was easy coasting back to the car.
stopped in Arbuckle for a monster burrito for the way home.

Next time:
  • When it's this warm out, take a camelback.  Could've drank more water for sure.  
  • Take skins.  Maybe ski crampons? Decided to boot up the whole way, but the bottom part could've been much faster.  
Found out that this spot is pretty close to my house in Serene Lakes.  Gotta go explore!

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