Thursday, July 20, 2017

One Hand Clapping with Oli and Sam

I hate climbing in 3.  But I make exceptions for taking out Oli for his first time outside.  Taking him on a 3 pitch trad climb near Pahatsi was quite a treat for his first climb in the outdoors... I was a bit nervous, so we wanted to get an early start and make sure we'd be the first team on the climb.  

Here's the pic of the route...
And from the base.
And Oli heading up pitch 1. 
Sam following.  He was having a bit more trouble than his son... 
The view was quite nice.  The Nickelsen's westy is behind that tree in the middle. We've got quite a crowd now.   
Oli finishing up pitch 2.  
Looking down to the top of pitch 2.  
And the walk off.  
We were a bit behind schedule, so we hurried a bit to get down and home...  A very nice climb.  A true treat taking folks outside the first time.  
It's coor's time.  
And we caught up to these ladies who were on their way to the beach at lot 1.  
And the rest of the day looked like this.  
Kimbo and Elena out on the SUPs.  Elena's first time using their inflatable SUP.  

Cooked up a nice salmon dinner on our grill that we acquired over the winter.  This was our first use... and she worked out great.  
after dinner, Dylan and I went on a quick ride to the look out...
and we passed the bar at Donner Ski Ranch... 
these guys were rocking out so hard (zepplin, guns n roses, Jimi...) we had to stop and have a beer.  Amazing show.  

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