Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Ride Report: Up to Groveland... on the way to Cherry Lake (via Old Priest)

On my way up to Cherry Lake I felt like I hadn't done much since my 1000k ride and 50k run, so I figured another ride was in order.  I love doing these one way rides on my way out camping.  Plus, I'd never ridden up Old Priest, so this was a high priority.

Here's the relive link.  https://www.relive.cc/view/1067280232

Made it to Lake Merrit BART station a bit early as I didn't want to miss the first train.  
Packed some Oinarisan for fuel!
...quite empty...
on the train as well... 
The morning was nice and quiet.  
The Altamont Pass... on the 1000k this might have been the mental crux.  And I didn't think this early in the morning I'd get any tailwind... but turns out it's always a bit windy here.  
OK for cyclists!
The funky bike path along 580
and some kind of military training???
Where we had our last meal on the 1000k
Rode a bit further out of town to get a breakfast burrito.  This place is da bomb.  
Long, flat roads... crooked pic
Encountered a few sections of dirt too!

Time for some rolling brown hills, old farms, and not much traffic.  Good time to zone out to a few audiobooks.  
That's a Consipiracy... (a group of ravens)
Listened to the "Dorito Effect"... a depressing, but interesting read on the current state of our food and eating habits...
Back on 120...
approaching Old Priest... perfect... 108 Deg... 
The climb up was brutal.  It's less than 2 miles, but averaging at 13%, and going up 1300 ft, my heart rate was at 160 bpm and I was standing in my lowest ring.  I did stop midway to soak my head in a small waterfall.  That was crucial.  
at the top!  You get a free drink if you can make it up Old Priest without stopping.  It's a stupid hill, so not many free drinks are given.  
Topped it off with a shake and a crepe...
The rest of the ride was quite beautiful.  Through Groveland, and onto Rainbow Falls.  The King Fire made the views much grander...
Meanwhile... Kimbo and Kai were having a playdate in Oakland.
after brunch and playing cards, they picked up Nikko and made their way up to me.  
I spent the 20 min or so waiting for them cooling off.
... don't go walking on waterfalls... 
That's a good one egh?  
I'd also like to check out some of the other roads in the area:  New Priest, Wards Ferry... and now that I know that you can get to Sonora via Cherry Lake Rd, it'd be incredible to incorporate that road into a brevet.  Maybe add in 120 and 108?  With a quick jaunt to Glacier Point?  That's be fun... lots of options here:

here's a century ride that heads up Old Priest and loops back to Sonora via Cherry Lake Rd. 

here's another starting in Auburn and riding some fun looking roads in the foothills.... I think we need a foothills Super 600k... like this.  

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