Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Xmas in Japan: Part 3 - Off to Jigokudani

At the Minakami train station

From Minakami, my folks headed back to Kawagoe on the bus, but we decided to utilize our JR rail passes and head to Jigokudani (Hell Canyon)... home of the snow monkeys!  
"Viking" breakfast
On the shuttle bus to the train station
Mind the gap
Nikko on his best behavior to get stickers from the train conductor.  
Soon, the kids got comfy
So did Kimbo.  She's mastered the Japanese, "sleeping while sitting on a train" technique.
Nikko in his happy place... eating snacks, watching doraemon, while riding a train.
And on to the "Snow Monkey" express.  This train had a sweet view.  
Love these Onsens... everything is provided.  You just need to show up.  Get your yukata on and go.. 
Kai = happy
There was no one at the onsen... so I took a few pics.  Not a bad view egh?  One issue with most onsens in Japan.  The temps are too hot for the kids.  Sometimes they'll have 8 tubs... and all are too hot.  
view from the onsen
For dinner, we walked a few blocks to a ramen shop.  We were the only customers.
Awesome hole in the wall with the Sapporo ladies
Santa aquarium

After putting our kids to bed...

we went upstairs for a drink in their "igloos".... 

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