Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Desolate Peaks

Check out that haze below...

Flagpole peak

Sam negotiating the "exposed 4th class move"
Desolate Peaks.  My first Fat Ass event.  And I'm in love.  Mark my words, I'll be back for this one.  There's a few options for this event.  A 7 peak, 11 peak, 17 peak, and the yet-to-be-done... 21 peak (Lucifer's Frolick).  Don't want to give away too much here, so I'll just let y'all enjoy the pics.  

Carbo, or rather protein loading the night before the event.  
My milkshake... 
Sam wondering what the hell he has got himself into.
The morning start... incredibly there was no parking at the start.  So many folks had to start a mile or so down the road.  We got the last spot.  
The reason why many folks dropped out this year... the smoke... wasn't too bad the day before, wasn't too bad the day after... but today wasn't great.  The higher you got the better, but I was coughing for a while.  

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