Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Catfish in the Sierra?

Here's an old post from late-Sept.  Spent a fun weekend with Marian and her kiddos at Pahatsi. 

 - Fri morning I rode Hole in the Ground with Metres... followed by an afternoon run chasing the boys around the lake.  Then went on a paddle with the boys, where they collected all kinds of "lake weed".   And finally we cruised down to Truckee to ride the bike park... where I forgot my shoes and rode in my sandals... and ate it quite hard.  

watch out for this dude...
bear tracks
On our way down to the lake... to paddle!
Then the kiddos hopped in the hot tub.
So they could be all clean to hit up the Truckee Bike Park (the best bike park!)
I forgot my shoes... 

Nikko was worries he wasn't gonna be tall enough to ride... 
And I ate it quite hard when I slipped off my sweaty sandals off a landing.  Found out I broke a rib on this wreck actually.. I thought I hurt my back as I couldn't sleep on it for while, so I kept on going to the chiropractor... which was excruciating.  
Sushi!  In Truckee!
Later that night Marian came up with her kiddos in tow.  And the next morning we had planned a fun hike on the summit.  There are endless hikes/trails on the summit... it's such an amazing spot.  Here are some links about the catfish ponds.  

I also did a solo trail run around the lake.  And we went back out on the lake where we saw Otters on our Paddle.

We thought these were eggs at first.  Turns out they are part of a plant.  

Check out the dragon!  You know you are in the right spot if you see this.  
our viewing platform for the catfish.  After about 10 min of tossing bread into the lake, we were about to give up. 
Then they all showed up!

Then we hiked to a peak and found a swing on the way!

while I went on a run, the kiddos (and Kimbo) watched some college football
Then Kimbo rode down to the lake to go paddle!
The last paddle of the season... was the best.  We saw otters!  Crazy right?  I thought so...
 Sunday morning I went on a short run, and we decided to go down the hill to do a hike at the Black Hole of the Calcutta  as it was forecast to be 20 deg warmer down there vs the summit. 

Some art on my run...

Stopped at a nice brewery in Auburn!

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