Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Ride Report: SFR Orr Springs 600k

This was a tough cookie.  Toughest brevet to date after the unofficial Super 600 that Sigman I did earlier this year.  A 600k that is as close to a Super 600, so you don't get the bonus 20 hours is the key to making a tough route.  Sprinkle in some dirt, with hills... and you have a really tough 600k.  Add in some country roads, beautiful scenery and you have the Orr Springs 600k.  Now that I've done Old Caz 300, King Ridge 400, and now Orr Springs 600k... all I have to do is the Marin Mtns 200k to complete the Adventure Series.   

creepy birds... at sunrise. 
We rode most of the route with Roy and Metin.

Fog was almost cleared

Lunch time in Gualala.  120 miles done... long way to go.

Soon we made it to Ukiah so we could take a nap. 

Safeway Sushi, a must on brevets...

Almost done!

2nd sunset of the ride...

I had some STI issues after this ride.  Omar took care of her and I'm back riding.

Our time was 37 hours.  We took a 3 hour break in Ukiah. 5 folks finished the ride this year.  My Garmin recorded 31K of elevation... which is over the 29K that this route is supposed to be... no comment. 

Congrats to everyone that tried, did it, or wants to try it after seeing this...
  • Record - Froste - 34 hours, 45 min.
  • Roy -
  • notes -
  • 2017 - Karen's notes -

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  1. That looks like an adventurous vacation! And a little relaxation in the hot tub certainly does not hurt, really nice! I also own a hot tub and I sit in every night, certainly not regret my purchase haha