Sunday, December 1, 2019

Eastside BC Ski Trip 2019: Slaying the Dragon w/Meter-Man & Barton!

Start off with my favorite pano.  Just getting to chill right here was worth this trip.
This was THE ski trip of the season for me.  We decided to skip the Canada Heli trip this year as we've gone on it the last two... and skip a season which was the right decision for the fam... especially this year.  Dave and I decided to prioritize an Eastern Sierra ski trip, which has been long overdue for me. 

Links for me:
Rode up Diablo with Jack in the morning to start the trip off on the right foot.  

Then picked up Barton and drove to Petaluma to hop on his plane!
flew right over Yosemite
Once we landed we walked over to the taco truck in town and grabbed a bite to eat.
We also met this crazy German fella who had just biked/splitboarded/hiked across 120 from the valley and was on his way back to LA.  

Routes + Flight - RidewithGPS Link

Day 1:
Metres found us asleep at the plane... 'twas very chill.  We got a nice seductive view of the mountains at sunrise.  
Packed, loaded, and finally ready to go
Dave chose an ambitious route for day 1, which involved us skiing down the Dragon Couloir as our first ski of the trip.  And probably the most consequential descent of the trip.  We had no idea what the conditions would be like until we were at the top ready to drop.  

I think this pic says it all...

After our success, we found a great spot to camp with running water near by and set up for night 1 at one of the Rae Lakes, pretty much on the JMT
Day 2:

Barton and I decided to sleep under the stars.  Which was coooold.  
After skating around the lake to warm up, the sun finally came out, we started warming up and skinning
One of many solitary views of our trip.  We didn't cross any tracks on Day 2 or 3
Barton knows how to slarve like a champ
A rock is such a luxury when snow camping.  Look for rocks
Camp 2
Day 3:
Our morning view

After another crisp morning, we crossed a few lakes towards Charlotte Lake
at the pass
What a guy! No wonder we didn't want to share the shelter with him on night 1 egh?
Fun buffed out pow turns
Our wildlife experience of the trip
Water hole
Our set up after 2 days of practice
This camp was truly luxurious, with solid ground to spread out on.  Bullfrog Lake was given 5 yelp stars

Day 4:
Fox hole?
Add caption
Some beta pics for next time... check out that chute!
That looks sick!
Soon we were back in T-shirts and shorts ready to fly home!
And a few hours later I was at Toro's enjoying his hot tub with my fam, Toro, Lyta, and Katie bell!  What an amazing trip!

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