Thursday, December 12, 2019

Jiselle's annual B-day camping trip - Butano SP version

Started off an amazing weekend with a run up the beast with Josh and Sam.  It was quite soupy at the bottom where we began, but soon we got above the clouds and caught one of the best sunrises I've seen.

Found this guy on the road in Oakland... 
The cactus blooms!
We made it down to the coast and went on a quick bike ride to the beach.

Nikko's outfit for the week... 
Ah yes, most days aren't like this... but every once in a blue moon.. 

The Nickelsens quickly joined us at this awesome beach.  Nikko riding pantsless...
driving to the camp
The first night was just us and the Nickelsens.  
Sam brought a friend with him
a cute tick...
Next morning, Sam and I went on a quick run to check out the trails at Butano.  

Then he took Olli to a climbing comp in Santa Cruz.  So we took Henry tidepooling with us.  
Nikko loves Hen

Fun place to tidepool.  I'd go back there for sure. 
crazy rock formations.

Hi seal

Then we found some sand dunes...
And some Karate/parkour action was had

Back at camp, we went on a little hike

The kids couldn't get enough of the flint... 

Next morning Sam and I went on a really fun run up past some abandoned airstrips with some fun views.  

Nikko was pooping when I got back

Beach day!
Our kids got naked for some reason... 
Sam testing my kite.
Suns out buns out!
Sun went behind the clouds... 

Happy B-day Jiselle!
Furiously making lunch... 
We collected some sand... 
Nikko promptly fell asleep.  Too much action for this little fella. 
Wildflowers and Fauna from the trip.. 

Robin eggs!

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