Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NYE trail run in Yosemite! (Dec 31, 2011)

Dave, Danielle, Stefan, Jasper, Kevin, Funk, Sol and I had an AWESOME run at the end of 2011.  A very memorable end to a great year! (by the way... Stefan, I think you are looking at the wrong camera...)

Starting in the valley, we ran up the four mile trail up to Glacier Point, then on the Panorama trail to Vernal Falls, and caught the Mist Trail/John Muir Trail down to Happy Isles where we met up with Kimbo & Kai, Laura & Riley, and Pia & her bruised cheek.

Although I think the elevation is off on the map below, it was still quite a tough hike/run... and towards the end the group was going into survival mode.

In the valley... we were staring at the Sentinel all the way up to Glacier Point.  When we thought we were almost there, the Sentinel would look down at us, and start mocking...

Funk molesting El Cap.  

The Crew running up the switchbacks on the Four Mile Trail.

Maybe 1/4 of the way up?  

On to the Panorama Trail... where Funk was licking Half Dome.  

My first view of Illilouette Falls.  Really amazing sight.  What a cool waterfall.  

Looking down at one of the many sheer drops we encountered on our run.  

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