Monday, January 9, 2012

Up the Sleeping Giant! (Hawaii)

The Sleeping Giant (Mt. Nounou).  Hawaiian legends say this giant was tricked by villagers into eating a vast amount of rocks hidden in fish and poi. Sleepy from the meal, the giant took a nap and hasn't woken since. 

Mt Nounou (the face) from the East Trailhead.  

View of the ocean from Mt. Nounou. 

Mt. Nounou makes a great run from hte house we stayed on.  Past a waterfall on Kuamoo rd, up the South Trail then down the East trail.

A few days after my run, I went back up with Kimbo, Lorene & Ko.  

Kimbo & Ko on Nounou's chin!

 A few more panos on my second hike to the top.

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