Monday, January 9, 2012

Secret Falls (Hawaii)

The not-so-secret "secret falls."

From our house on the Wailua river, we could paddle up river 2 miles, and hike another mile to the "secret waterfalls.  Another awesome adventure that did not require getting in a car...The waterfall is actually quite popular and several kayaking companies offer guided tours up to the waterfall and back for 50 or so dollars.  

7.4 miles round trip... which includes my short re-tracing as I forgot my sunglasses when I was using the ropeswing. You can see that if you click on "speed" above... those would be the spikes.

The hike is definitely the highlight of the trip as the kayaking is rather dull actually.  Not much to see on the paddle...  But the hiking is spicy from the start.

Cross a not so small river...

And through the jungle.  

The canopy is gorgeous.

Crazy Tree Roots

Muddy hiking... my VFFs worked perfectly.  

You pass this smaller waterfall on the way up to the big one.

Some steep sections as well...

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