Monday, August 27, 2012

Panos from Mt. Conness

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Sunrise!  Got a 5:30 am start after snoozing our 4:20 am alarm...
North Peak in the morning alpenglow... Conness is to the left.  At Greenstone Lake. 
Start of the North Ridge.  Lots of 3rd class in the beginning... we didn't rope up until the 5.6 (optional) down climb at the second tower.  
The summit plateau of Conness from the summit.  Conness is quite a confusing mountain with multiple ridges shooting out from it... the approach to the SW Face and West Ridge are quite arduous because of this.  
From the plateau.  The summit of Conness is to the left with the N. Ridge flowing to the middle of the frame toward N. Peak.  Conness Lakes, Greenstone Lake, and Saddlebag Lake appear below.  
The SW face of Conness... I think the famous line is on the right side of the pic.  The exposed side of the West Ridge...
Looking up the West Ridge of Conness with the SW face to the right... check out those clouds... 
Summit #2.  
From the summit. Looking down to Conness Lakes.
The crux of the 2nd class approach/descent trail off of Mt. Conness... quite exposed!  Just ask Smitty about it.
On the way down towards the defunct Carnegie Institute.

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