Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sawtooths Crest Traverse (the one in CA) - Part 4: Final Thoughts... and a vid.

"Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb."    -- Greg Child

Part 1part 2, and part 3

There were definitely times (e.g. when I had to down mantle off a block then fall 2 ft on to a small 2x2 ledge surrounded by void... or when I had to tower jump onto a small column maybe 1x4 ft) when the fun factor was type II.  But for the most part this climb was Type I, and I just wished I was in better climbing/ scrambling shape.

Beta/thing to note:
  • Secor; Croft's Guidebook; the 1952 guide -  "A Climber's Guide to the High Sierra, by Hervery H. Voge"
  • The sawblade has a huge notch in the middle (we rapped)... no you aren't at the Three Teeth yet... you are just half way across the blade...
  • The three teeth are actually more like 5 teeth... 3 big ones, and two smaller ones... 
  • The crux for us was the Sawblade and the three teeth.  That traverse is a mental drain, and takes all you got...
  • Get ready to get lost... it's all part of the game. 
A final list of broken/torn/bruised items:
My hands... the rock is SO sharp for my city hands.  This traverse really kicked my butt.  

My middle finger after near disaster down climbing.  Good thing we were minutes away from the last summit.  

My approach shoe got stuck in a crack.  Seriously stuck.  I had to untie my shoe, remove my feet then tug at it to remove it.  The stitching came out on the side due to the process.  

My beloved Z-pack... :(  I thought I was being clever by using my ultralight bag, but I'd take the most durable items you have on this traverse.  Carharts, foam pads, etc..

Speaking of foam pads... don't take the neoair.  Anywhere.  When these pads pop they provide a negative R value... I swear.  Thankfully I was so tired I didn't care too much.  

And a few other items not pictured... 
  • right ankle (sprained 3 times on the hike out)... injured from soccer the previous week.
  • Left toenail... is about to fall off and has a blood blister under it!  Should've cut my toenails... update: it fell of yesterday... ugh.  
UPDATE:  it fell off... and so did my right... I'll just show you my left... (WARNING: it's gross)

All gone...
  • Camera 100HS - ayeee

  • Cycling Jacket - not surprised at all that this tore
  • My REI convertible pants... have a hole all the way down my butt.  

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