Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Sawtooths Crest Traverse (the one in CA) - Part 3: The Matterhorn

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear. 
-Mark Twain 

Day 3.  Courageous Nick wanted to climb back up to the shoulder of the last teeth and finish up on the crest but couldn't find a great way to get back up...

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So in the end we did the same rap back down to the notch that we did the evening prior and wasted 2+ hours screwing around on the last tooth...

But soon we were climbing past the two last teeth... there are two smaller teeth between the Three Teeth and the Doodad.  It's in the drawing from 1952, but not described in any guide.  Check out that ridge...

Top of the funky summit block on the Doodad.  I think the 1952 guide says it's 4th class... but I see that it's actually a 5.6 move... Those old schoolers...

Some old pieces of pro used as rap stations... Nick brought 50 ft of cord to back up the rap stations on this climb.  And even though we down climbed past a bunch of them we still used all of the cord by the end of the traverse.

Summit of the Dragtooth with Matterhorn Peak behind.

Indeed... RIP.

This cool glider whizzed on by and circled over Matterhorn Peak to gain elevation.  Did our same route in about 2 min...

Summit # 9!  Blacksmith Peak, The Cleaver, the Sawblade, the Three Teeth, Doodad, Dragtooth, and finally on top of Matterhorn Peak!

Summit register...

Looking back up at Matterhorn Peak after "boot skiing" down the snowfield.

Our last fill of fresh water for the descent.  


After taking a pic of Nick's favorite tree, my camera died.  In fact a ton of my gear died on this trip.  

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