Monday, February 24, 2014

Resolutions for 2014

  • First off, take care of the fam.  As I've got 2 boys now to take care of.  And one great lady that supports me when I go on my many adventures. 
top of Shasta on a beautiful day.  
On Going Annual Goals

summit shot from MacLure last nov
  • do a 50 miler
  • do several longer runs on my list...
    • East Bay Skyline
    • Tam
    • Ohlone
    • Skyline to the Sea
    • Ridge to Bridge
    • Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne
    • Tenaya Rim Loop
    • Big Sur
  • 600k brevet?
  • at least 6 centuries
At the top of Mt. Watkins with Half Dome behind.
  • given how the season is going this year, I'll be happy with one hut trip and a few day trips... but I'd like to plan for a fun trip for next year (BC huts, CO huts, WA, UT, AK, Cham?)
Stefan navigating through the low tide...
  • Wheelwalk 10 ft
  • Coker ride up Tam or Hamilton
  • Get a MUNI
on the Russian River
  • go on a few thurs night paddles
  • get a bomber roll on both sides
  • back deck roll?
  • commute to work 12 times

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