Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Diablo X-ride with Sigman

We got back to the bay after a few days up in Tahoe, staying at Donner Lake, and I had been missing doing a long ride... So I texted Sigman and coordinated a long ride with him to explore the dirt roads of Diablo.  Turns out those trails are perfect for our cross bikes.  They are a bit boring on mtn bike, and a bit too rough to enjoy on road bikes.  With the recent rains, the grass was quite green, there was very little wind, and all in all, a beautiful ride on a beautiful day... 

sunrise @ the start of Tunnel
rock city... looking at Sentinel Rock.  
typical fire road on Diablo.  Perfect gravel grinding workout.

We hopped on this trail for a bit... turned out to be a cow trail...
So we bailed and headed for the dirt
I've never seen Diablo so green and lush... really pretty ride on a perfect day.  
tires and hoofs
Crazy ridge line on diablo... it looks very fake, but must be natural...

my track from the day (missing the last 15 miles):

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