Thursday, May 28, 2015

Party @ Loon Lake Chalet

Had another really fun trip out to Loon Lake Chalet.  The forecast was calling for chance of snow/rain/hail... but the weather turned out pretty decent for us the whole weekend. 10 degrees warmer and no wind would have been preferred, but this was still rather quite pleasant.  

Kai testing out the potty
Story time!
the boys hanging out downstairs...
Nikko was everywhere... 
Poppy!  What a beauty!
Pelicans.  Who knew pelicans flew up so high into the mountains.  
Taking the kiddos out on a paddle.  The wind picked up, but it wasn't enough to keep us out of the water.
D wondering how Nikko turned into a monkey.  
Mi-Suk fighting the wind home...
Kiddos had a blast.
Camille trusting her daddy's paddling skills.  
I've got a monkey on my back!
So we took him out to an island.
Kai being safe.
Schofferhoffer!  That's a breakfast beer.
during naptime I went on a short ride on the Loon Lake trail.  I got to a granite outcropping, played around a bit, and hike to the top of a small hill.  
Got a view of the second dam
Nikko asking E, if he could have this next dance with her. 
Happy boy!  And these mama's celebrating mother's day
Funk showed us on day 2 so he could keep the boys company
We ended up going on a nice night paddle later on.  The stars were amazing.  One of the more unforgettable moments of the trip.  .  
Metres took over story time on night 2.  
Jeff showing off his dutch oven cooking skills.  
This was amazing!
The next morning... during clean up time... 
Timbers Army sighting at Loon Lake.  
Nikko went for a paddle.  
While the adults just lounged
What is Kai wearing?  Who knows?  
SUP parade!
Hi ladies!
The crew... 

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