Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekly Pano: China Camp

Had a great time at China Camp.  What a fun place to camp.  Got to ride some of the fun trails with Sigman on Sat.  We lucked out on the weather and enjoyed an amazing beach day at China Camp Village on Sun morning.

Group shot

they got some recycling bins so you can carry your gear up to your site.  It's a 5 min walk, which is nice as the kids can run around without worrying about getting hit by cars.  
On Sat, after we set up camp, Kimbo went to Courtney's baby shower.  So I got to go on a long hike with the kiddos.  Kai loved the flowers... he especially like the sticky monkey flower.  
oooh.... moss...
Check out this huge Pacific Gopher Snake that Kai almost stepped on!
Waiting for Kimbo to get back so we can start riding!
@ the top of China Camp... the weather cleared up and we had a blast.  
The scene at camp...
Nikko is a master at lounging
We went on a short sunset hike so the kids could get ready for...

Next morning at the beach
A great spot with picnic tables, really easy access, as we had 4 SUPs... and a lot of gear.
The kiddos were awesome.  
There's even a store that sells ice cream!!!
Kai is in heaven... 
Just learned that Dean Potter passed away.... another inspiration gone... a sad day.  Almost exactly a year after his buddy Sean Leary passed away doing the same thing.  With that I'd like to link to Steph Davis' post about Sean.

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