Sunday, May 3, 2015

A week in Tahoe! (Second Spring Break in Tahoe)

D at the top of Hawk's Peak.  
Like last year, we decided to spend an extended period of time in Tahoe.  This time it was Kai's school's spring break.  And like last year there wasn't much snow, so I did more biking than skiing.  But it turns out it's all really fun...  this time we got to spend the week with the Metres' who had their spring break too (Danielle's).  The Marins joined us for a few days, as well as Sigman.  Then the Dufours came up on Fri, and the Balesteris on Sat.  So many friends, impossible not to have a blast.

Plus I got in 5 runs, 6 mtn bike rides, 2 hikes, 2 skiing days all in 6 days... my ideal vacation.  
Sierra loves  PIZZA!!!
At Squaw with Kai... where's the snow????

Nikko on the Tram!
nature hike with the Metres girls.  
Kai on the Tony Hawk out by Prosser Dam
Nikko with his Tahoe swagga'
Typical living room scene...
Kai teaching Kimbo how to ski...
on the Truckee River bike path by Squaw
Came across this thing on our ride.  
Hey look!  Snow!  

All packed up and ready to go...
To the Sacramento Train Museum! 
Nikko!  Get down!
We saw some amazing things on our brief stop:  First a dad carrying out two kids both asleep.  
A triple stroller!
And this dad GoPro-ing every action that his daughter did at the train museum. Not sure if anyone is going to want to watch the 3 hour footage of that... but hey... who knows.  

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