Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Bootjack Campin' & a beach day in Bolinas

We decided to do a last minute camp trip a few weekends ago.  This is always a bad idea in the Bay Area as folks are so on top of it, and campground are so limited in the greater bay area.

We tried our luck at Pantoll on Mt. Tam looking for any walk-in sites at Pantoll or Bootjack.  The ranger told us that these sites were all gone by 8 am.  So as we sat there giving some snacks to the kiddos a couple walked by and told us that the site next to them is saved, but won't be occupied until tomorrow.... so we decided to stay for the night and got a free site.  Turned out to be a beautiful day.  Went on a few short hikes, got Kai on his Strider on the fire roads, and had a nice campfire for the night.

The next morning after breakfast we drove down the hill to Bolinas for a beach day.

The mountain theater.  Haven't seen a play here, but what a beautiful place.  
Nikko didn't want to nap in the tent.  
West Point Inn and the summit.  
Kimbo deep in conversation with Nikko...
Hey!  That's not a chair!
Hey!  That's not a hat... 
Kai is basically a nudist.  
Nikko crying... still cute
the guys fishing pulled up a bunch of leopard sharks.  These guys told us they are pretty tasty.... I was skeptical, but turns out folks do eat them.  I guess you gotta gut them right away.  http://honest-food.net/2010/08/02/shark-fishing-in-san-francisco-bay/
In any case, catching them looked like a lot of fun.  
Hey!  That's not a horse...
I've started taking some parkour and acrobatics classes at Athletic Playground in Emeryville.  Loads of fun.  More practice needed.  
Gotta work on my timelapses... this one caught my eye the other day.  

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