Thursday, March 24, 2016

Pano: Tennessee Cove

Seth and his kin joined the Kuwabaras for a quick visit to get some of the oh-so-sweet winter beach time to Tennessee Cove.  There are always a few days in the winter when that high pressure ridge sits on the coast providing a windless, sunny, magical weekend to explore the green hills (that are brown 10 months of the year) or head to the beach.  Beach days in the summer can be nice, but it's usually cut short by the westerly wind that picks up around noon... good for kitesurfing... not so good for a beach day.  

Anyway... I love Tennessee Cove.  The place is magic.  Tons of fun trails to explore from there too.  Amazing vistas, a nice clean beach, no cars (a quick 2 mile fire road is your way in), and bike accessible.  

check this out... Cary Gray's adventures on one wheel and on water... here's a vid from paddling across the Darien!

I just purchased a kid's book that he is painting with his foot!

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