Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Short Vid TR: To(wards) the Bug!

Rode out to the bug the other day.  Haven't been on a long-ish ride for a while... and I'm contemplating becoming a "Super Randonneur" this year so I figure I should get some saddle time.  Anyway... I found a good route from Dublin BART through Mines Rd and through Del Puerto Canyon to the central valley and beyond so I had a nice solo 200k ride... about 25 miles or 1.5 hrs away from the Bug.  But riding on the shoulder of 140 would've sucked anyway, so I'm totally OK with that.

Took it easy most of the way... just wanted to get some saddle time.  Saw 3 cyclists the whole day.
here's the track:


  • Mines Rd
  • Del Puerto Canyon Rd. (That's a really fun ride through that canyon... never gone from Mines Rd...)
  • The Almond trees in full bloom. 
  • Sunrise
  • The flat central valley
  • Hwy 140... not much fun.  
  • Junction Bar was closed... so sad... I hear it's gonna shut down for good?  Or maybe already has?  
  • Dairy farms stink.
  • editing this vid... was quite tedious...

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