Friday, March 18, 2016

Yosemite with Eli & Emi!

Nikko giving the air "high five"... Kai not looking, and their parents being silly...
... and their parents tagged along as well... After a fun ride towards the bug, we had a nice meal at the bug and met up with the Craigs.  We settled in quickly and got some rest for tomorrow.

The kiddos enjoying a special hot chocolate in the morning after they ate their breakfast.
we drove in to Badger pass for some snowplay...
unfortunately the kiddos didn't want to get in the sled, and weren't cooperating... 
so after approx 100 yards, we took a lunch break.  And I went on a quick 30 min sprint on my skate skis.  
and made it back to make a snow man!  
stopped at tunnel view on the way down to the valley so Nikko could soar!
And quickly noticed the crowds and the cars lined up along the way waiting to catch a glimpse of the firefall... what a zoo...
Hey... I got a good idea... let's go to the most beautiful place in the world... sit around for 6 hours and wait to catch a glimpse of the most photographed phenomenon... FOLKS... walk around.  Enjoy NATURE.  Not your camera... sheesh... yup... you just heard it here... forget your camera and enjoy it... 
Yosemite Falls with it's huge snow mound at the base...
site of our wedding...
2016-02-20 16 27 29
Kai and I skated around for an hour or so.  That was really fun.  We did see an older lady fall and probably got a concussion... I think folks should definitely wear helmets ice skating.  Much more so than skiing...
On our way back, we had good timing as the traffic was insane... 

... pretty cool...

The next morning, we decided to hike out to Lower Yosemite Falls...
Sleeping human!
With a bobcat slowly approaching!
Basking in the sun...
The kiddos were singing Raffi the whole way home...
nice sunset..


If I didn't discourage you enough... and you want to stand in the herd of photographers to catch the firefalls... check this out for an indepth look.

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