Thursday, May 19, 2016

3 day with the Metres Twins... (aka SIEllery)!

Day 1: Was Mingie's B-day (April 22), so we took him to Albany Bulb after brunch, but as soon as we got there the winds picked up and started raining.  We made it 50 ft before my umbrella broke and Mingie stopped.  FAIL.
 We do a kiddie swap with the Dufours and Metres a few times a year.  This affords us a kid-free weekend, or a weekend full of kiddos.  Either way it's a welcome change.  While the Metres enjoyed Squaw Valley on a pow day, we took the twins out to Diablo overnight to go camping for Jiselle's B-day party.

While the boys were still at school, we started making some "pup"cakes for Mingie! With the help of baby Loi!
We picked up the boys on our bikes, and went to a playground near by to meet up with the Dufours.

soon it started raining and we ran inside to watch some IM basketball...
Dinner time!
Desert time! Mingie didn't like his pup-cake... but the kiddos did.  
bath time!
story time!

Day 2:
Berkeley Marina -> Diablo

I let the kiddos watch a show while I made some breakfast.
More cute kiddos! Eating more pup-cakes.
We cruised down to the Berkeley marina for some earth day festivities...
snack time!
Started off with a strider ride around the paths
beach time...
Music time!  Provided by the Bug Family Band.
Soon it was Naptime... so we packed up while they were all asleep, and crept our way out to Diablo...
Made it!
We decided to put the "big" kids in their own tent!  And it worked!  Amazing!  The girls are amazing!
Soon... the Souzas were spoiling the kids with lots of sugar.  Starting with #1 - "Butterbeer" - basically a bunch of sugar.  It included cream soda, caramel, marshmellow fluff, etc...
Dinner time!  E wasn't impressed.
after dinner Sierra, Kai and I decided to go on a walk.  
Good decision.
Looking down at Rock City below.  
We returned to get the rest of the troop for another short hike before...
Spoiling the kids again.  #2 - Smores.  First time the girls had smores...
day 3:
Diablo -> Rock City -> Tilden -> 505...

started off with a sunrise run up Mt. Diablo with Sam and Rob.  Had to get up at 4:30.  
but it was worth it.  
back at camp these kiddos were giggling in their own tents.  I wish I would have taken a video.  They were so stinkin' cute.  
New treat #3... Nutella... boy we sure know how to spoil these kiddos.  
More music!
there was lots of lovin' going on between these two...
E, going in for the kiss... 

Rock City!

We decided to have a boys vs girls tug of war!
Joe & Jake were also randomly camping at Diablo as well.  It was fun running into them again at Rock City and eating lunch with them.

Nikko the alpinist...

The kids did a really good job taking naps in the car...
So we drove around a bit...
And decided to go to Little Farm in Tilden... we had left over celery anyway.

I forget if Nikko is sad or happy here...
Group hugs!

and S.  Which one is the adventurous one?

Bath time!
bounce house time!
Dinner time!  Their parents came and picked them up and we were all sad to go...

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