Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Nikko in Chico!

on our way up, since traffic was heavy we decided to drop in on the Hoefts so Kai could show everyone his bum... and that he wears his pants backwards.  Oh and his drawing of daddy.  
Went back up to Chico for our anniversary getaway weekend again.  We first went there in 2013 when Kai was 1.5 yrs old.  We had a great time up there, we were too busy to research another location... so I figured let's go back.  We rented a place on AirBnB again... a different place as the place we rented before was already booked.  The lady that own the rental also owns the bakery next door, and she left us cupcakes as our welcome treat.!

not to be outdone, Nikko wanted to show off his newly acquired peeing skills.  
as planned the boys fell asleep on the way up.  
The next morning, we biked to Bidwell Park and to the Farmer's Market.  Chico is very bike friendly.  In fact we never got in our van after we parked it.  We biked everywhere!

Sycamore Pool! It's coooold....
Caper Acres... the greatest playground in CA!  Not open til 10.  Weird.
on our way to the Nut Fest!  There's a bike path for most of the route!
Bike entrance to the Nut fest
Milking cows...
Kai & Nikko quickly found water to play with...
And soon were IN it... much to the horror of the surrounding attendees.  One lady came over and told me she got wet from Nikko.  I told her to move... and that it was 90 deg... and gave her a beer coupon.  
back in town, we went straight to the Sycamore pool to get some more water time in.

The next day we had to head back to the park.  Only a few blocks away, but this was Kai's first time biking on roads.  He did a great job paying attention to me.  
Nikko didn't want to go down this one...

For lunch, we went to Sierra Brewery... we had to...

Nikko's drawing
Kai's drawing...
and mine!
Lots of IPAs that aren't available anywhere else.

The boys slept well on the way home too...
So we stopped at Lake Temescal to cool off and wake up.  
Beautiful sunset...

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