Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Emerald Bay Boat in Campin'!!!

The window to a slice of heaven...
This place rocks!!!!!  Gotta go back... book this place on Dec 1st for June... or Jan 1 for July.  We had site 19, which was pretty sweet.  20 & 21 would be nice too if you got both of them.  1 is also nice, but far from the potty.

There are many options in reaching the campsite:

  • BOAT IN - you can park your car at DL Bliss (after unloading, it's actually a long hike up to the overnight lot - maybe 3/4 of a mile?) and boat in.  Go in the morning when there is less chance of windy conditions.  The 4 mile paddle is beautiful, but depending on the conditions it could get quite tough.  You can also boat in from other spots, but I think DL Bliss is the closest option.  
  • HIKE IN - you can park and hike the Rubicon Trail from DL Bliss... the trail is pretty amazing too, so this isn't a bad option... it just takes a lot more effort to carry in your cooler, family size tent, etc... This should be your backup plan in case the water is choppy.  Actually, what you can do if you have little kids, or don't want to walk very far is to park at Emerald Bay SP, and just walk down the service road... which is like 1/2 a mile. There is no overnight parking there, so one of you will have to go park it and run back to camp... or get a ride.  

  • http://www.7x7.com/tahoe/emerald-bay-boat-campground
  • http://www.sfgate.com/sports/article/Lake-Tahoe-s-gem-of-a-campground-2541369.php

Kiddos were happy before even taking off...
Sushi dinner? Thanx Safeway... this has been my go-to meal on the SF Randonneur rides... which has been making my rides a bit more expensive.
Double milk snuggle.

Tim & Laina's arrival!
our sweet site.
Took Kai on a morning paddle to Fannette while the bay was still calm.  We had the island to ourselves!  Went out to the island at night with Durbs and had a bromantic date the night before...

lots o' bears!
Monarch butterfly!  We were at Natural Bridges last weekend reading about their migration...

lower eagle falls
They have popsicles at the visitor center!
naptime! Kai in the parents tent.
Nikko in the kiddos tent.
So I went on a trail run.  This is along the Rubicon back toward DL Bliss... this would the trail you'd take if you were to walk to this campsite.
Back at DL Bliss... somehow the water here is tropical... looking.
back at camp...
Dinner time!
Uh-oh, we got monkeys in the bear bin...

Tim found a snake!
The next morning I ran back to the beach where we were hanging out to look for Kai's shoes!  

back at camp... yoga time.
Nikko going nudy booty...
Kai going for a morning swim off the dock at the campground.
after a 4 mile paddle back to DL Bliss we enjoyed the beach for a bit...

Loaded up, watched the Copa on the drive home...

and drove straight to Mindy and Eric's place for their Summer Solstice fest...

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