Sunday, August 7, 2016

SFR Double Brevet Weekend! ~ When I became a Super Randonneur!!!

Finally... after a few years of doing these rides, I got my Super Rando... meaning I completed a 200, 300, 400, 600K in one year... which then qualifies me to ride longer rides!  (woopie!).  So... a 1000k is on my radar now.  And this was my first double brevet weekend ride.  I did the 300k up to Cloverdale on Sat, and 200k down on Sun.  Here are the rides:

Karl saying hi.  There were some whales below the bridge, but I missed em... 

In Cloverdale, joining the crew for dinner & beers.  

Day 2: ready to disco.... or rando.  Either way, same outfit.  
Pano from the hotel.

Our RBA: Rob Hawks doing his pre-ride talk.

The fastest tire change I've ever seen.  Bill Brier is fast...

Check out this 27lbs tandem!  Paketa.

I've gotta apply!

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