Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Celebrating our 10 year anniversary in Marin!

Spent a wonderful kid-free weekend up in Marin with Kimbo for our 10th anniversary!  

We cruised up Fri afternoon, had lunch at Marin Sun Farms, got baked goods at Bovine Bakery, and Double 8 Buffalo milk ice cream.   Then we put in at Nick's Cove and spent a night on our own beach.  Tomales Bay was quite windy and getting across on the SUP was quite difficult.  

Sat, we packed up and had a pleasant paddle across the glassy water back to the car.  We loaded up, checked in to Mayacamas for lunch and went on a bike 

getting ready to get on the boats.  
The conditions... 
We ended up at Pelican North Beach.  
Woohoo we made it!
gathering firewood.  
All set up!
Nothing to do but watch the tide roll out...
And play with the night shot mode on my gopro
Nice Sunrise!
Cool halo around Hog Island
Lots of seals wished us "happy anniversary" on our way back.  
Loading GoodGirl back up.  The car didn't start, but one of the Blue Waters employees helped us out by banging the starter... and she started right up!
Brunch at the bakeries.  Talked a few bike tourists here who were headed down to Mexico.  
And lunch at Mayacamas!
Then we hopped on the tandem and cruised to Vincent Arroyo
Kimbo taking a shot of my selfie shot... we rode by some other randonneurs who were in the middle of their Fleche!
Picked up a few nice bottles here.  We need to become members again...
And after a steep climb, we made it back up to Mayacamas!
With this waiting... it's hard not to pedal fast...
Sunset drinks at the pool
The next morning I decided to go on a quick run and drove down to Oat Hill Mine Rd... which I've heard a lot of good things about from Mtn Bikers.  
It used to be an old road used by wagon trains... and there are plenty of fun single track options at the bottom.  Looked really fun.  I wanna go back with my bike soon.  
On our way back, we stopped at Russian River Brew Co for lunch... and some Plinys...
And more Plinys...
Special shout out to Chelsea who hooked us up with a night at Mayacamas!!!

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