Friday, November 10, 2017

Salmon in Tahoe!

Did you know there's Salmon in Tahoe?  Crazy right?  I was told they were native... but alas... they were introduced "accidentally" in 1944 from holding ponds that overflowed at the old Tahoe City Fish Hatchery.  Kokanee (which means "red fish") are non-anadromous (they live in fresh water their entire lives) and are much smaller due to the limited sources of food, but still at 14 in. in length for an adult, it is a really cool sight. 

Not sure how I feel about these non-native species, but... they are really fun to see up close.  These days the CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife with approximately 150,000 fingerling salmon every May. 

The kids were on the lookout!
They put up a nice new walkway... and I guess they are still working on it...

I like the reflection/salmon in this pic
There's a fun little aquarium like feature at Taylor Creek

Interestingly, only the female bears are successful at catching the salmon, and they teach their cubs to fish. It is funny to watch a male bear in the creek splashing around trying to catch a fish, finally giving up in disgust.

So many hugs.... 
and... back on the road... sigh.... oh... traffic...

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