Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Ride Report: Double Century to Lassen with Sam

Hey Sam, do you road ride?  No?  Good... that's fine.  Let's ride up to Lassen!
I'm pretty good at getting Sam into all kinds of adventures these days.  Climbing with his son up One Hand Clapping, backcountry skiing, peak bagging (more on that in the future), etc... So I knew I could easily convince him into another adventure.  Long distance road biking.  Sam, like me, thought all road bikers were kinda tools as kids.  Wearing spandex, shaving their legs, doping, with no arm muscles, but HUGE thighs.... they just didn't make any sense.  

But here we were... riding through the night to get to Lassen NP before our families.  Despite the shivering, the rain, and the logging trucks, we (maybe just I?) had fun.  

Getting off the Amtrak in Davis
This was my second week at work, so I had to work til late

The first 100 or so miles were fast.  We had a great tail wind, flat course, and the sunset was spectacular.

And this place hit the spot!

At around 3 am in a Safeway somewhere...
Chicken Ceasar wrap?
After riding through the night, it started to rain... 
About 5 min before we arrived here, Sam was uncontrollably shivering.  This place had unlimited tea/coffee bar!  AMAZING.  I love this place!
The food was also very good.
As we entered the park, the rain subsided... 
We started gaining elevation and we started up our last big hill, at about 160 miles in...
The road through the park wasn't open so this was quite a treat.

Sulfur works

Near here, Sam started bonking again.  I should've dosed him with more Military Gum Caffeine... 
Slowly, but surely we all made it.  In fact we arrived before our families... so we checked in, blasted the heater and wrapped up in our emergency blanket for a quick nap.  
Soon my family arrived... and we got to celebrate.  From beers that Kai meticulously packed (he was quite proud of himself).  

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