Monday, February 7, 2011

B&B Ski Trip Report coming next!

Here's a little preview of the trip... (if your computer can handle it, put it on HD on full screen)

I've still got quite a bit of sorting to do... and had quite a scare as my computer crashed while transferring the data to my hard drive.  After 30 seconds of google-ing... I found PhotoRec and I believe I got all my pictures back... just not sorted or dated.  But I was very, very happy that the pics were recovered (and hopefully you'll be too when I share them)!

The Miley Bros and I spent three nights in the Tahoe backcountry this past weekend.  We found pow, corn, cliffs, rum, snomo-lers, rum, whiskey (duh...), cheese cake, a 3 gallon keg of amazing homebrew, met a bunch of new friends, and had an amazing journey.

I'm sure Miley (and I) will post on his blog soon... check it out (add it to your reader).

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