Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Panos from B&B Ski Trip...

Looking at Anderson (Beson is in the clump of trees in the middle)... all the way back to Mt. Lincoln (Sugar Bowl).  

Sunset from Anderson... looking toward Sacramento (you can see the coastal range).  This ridge separates the flow of the snowmelt.  To the west, snowmelt flows into the North Fork of the American River though Sacramento, into the Delta, and to the Ocean.  To the east, smaller creeks (Cold, Deep, & Pole Creek) all flow into the Truckee, the only outlet from Lake Tahoe on its way to Pyramid Lake in Nevada. 

A few minutes later

Sunrise... you can see Tinker Knob on the right side

Chris about to drop into some nice pow in the bowl below us.  You can see the backside of Mt. Anderson on the left.
Nick & I climbed this chute in Deep Creek... you can see him if you zoom in... if you really, really look, you can also see Chris, who bruised his calf trying his first front flip and was resting down by the trees in the middle of the open field... listening to the lovely sound of Snowmobiles.  

This might be my favorite pano from the trip.  Taken from the top of the ridge just south of Bradley Hut.  I built a small kicker here (you can see Chris airing it!), Lake Tahoe, Squaw, and Nick.  

Nick's turn...

At the bowl in Deep Creek...

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