Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fallen Angel -> Baby Cham!

Miley (this guy with an upper tangent arc and a 22 deg halo behind his noggin') and I did a big day yesterday!  I'd say we hit up the two burliest chutes in Tahoe that I've done... on the same day!  

First, we got dropped off and skinned up Echo Peak, skied down a bit, then up Angora Peak... and down the couloir on the right.  Known as Fallen Angel Chute, it's been done many times in the past, but I don't personally know anyone that had done it.  

Mainly cuz of this mandatory air in the middle of the chute (this is looking up).  I had some ski issues right above this crux, and my left ski popped off and decided to air it out.  So I had to climb down some of the chute... I WILL be back to actually ski it.  Plus the snow was horrendous in there.  

Then we had to cross a few creeks on our way to Tallac... after making this crossing, we realized that there was a bridge 100 feet upriver...

Well, we found one for the next crossing at least...

And after summiting Tallac, we skied down Baby Cham, where it looks like the Unofficial Squaw peeps had tracked it out.  Felt like I was skiing at Squaw with the bumps in there.  This time my right ski popped off near the end of the chute.  We got some good skiing in down lower, and Kelly was not only awesome enough to give us a ride, then pick us up... she cooked up an amazing boar rib dinner!  We got some video, but since the snow was crusty, and I made like 10 tele turns the whole day, I may not post them... we'll see...  Ha!

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