Wednesday, March 12, 2014

First Family Backcountry Skiing Mission... a success!

The day before, we had gone into Truckee and stumbled into the Sports Exchange... which happened to be newly managed by Murph, one of Metres' friends.  Anyway, they sell consigned gear there and so we picked up tiny ski boots for Kai, an AT boot for Kimbo, and a skate boot for me.  A fantastic stop!  So the next day we decided to head out to the Donner Pass Sno-park and ski out to Castle Pass for a family outing.  The day turned out to be perfect.  Beautiful day, easy skinning, and when Nikko was hungry we stopped and Kai got to practice skiing!  After lunch, it was naptime and Kai took a short nap on our way back to the trailhead.  Voila!

The fam!

Kai telling Kimbo to "hurry up!"
staying hydrated
Kai getting some turns
Nikko's attire
Lunch time!
Kimbo loving her new boots.  Her foot grew a bit due to pregnancy and so her old boots hurt.  Check out that smile!

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