Thursday, March 20, 2014

Diamond Peak Uphill/Downhill Dash

Pano from the Snowflake Lodge.
Last week, I participated in the Uphill/Downhill Dash at Diamond Peak.  It worked out well as it started at 7 am, and we were done by 9.  So I could get back to the family by 10 am.  The part that didn't work out so well was when I took the wrong turn and ended up back at the base of the mountain instead of mid-mountain.  That error cost me some prizes, as I came in 4th, and would have definitely come in 3rd, if not fighting for 1st.  Alas... I think all the prizes were Diamond Peak related (i.e. season pass, then a few tickets, and some food coupons).  Anyway, it was really fun.  And they hooked you up with breakfast of anything on the menu at Snowflake Lodge, which covered the 10$ entry free IMO.  I hope I get to do a few more of these in the near future.  It's really the only time you push yourself so hard skinning.  And the only time I really feel the altitude in Tahoe.  So the three races like this I know of are:

  • This race...
  • Billy Dutton Uphill @ Squaw - I hear this one is awesome too
  • Bear Valley Adventure Race - which I participated in a few years ago.  I'd love to do that again.  

I think this lodge is the best part about Diamond Peak.  Look at the view... and happy hour from 2 pm on.  Then a drunken ski down to your car.  That sounds fun.
At the start.  It was an anything goes race. And the guy that came in 1st ran up in his spiked Solomon shoes.  I passed him before I made the wrong turn...
Big Blue!
Here's the track:

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