Wednesday, March 12, 2014


So far this year, I've skied 3 hours at Alpine, then 3 hours at Squaw, and on my third day at a resort, I got an 11:30 start and got to ski for 4 hours.  It was too gusty for many of the lifts to open, including Granite, Emigrant, Headwall... but Shirley and Siberia were really fun.  Even KT was ok, although the snow conditions were a lot better up high.  The creamy pow provided enough cushion for my landings... my back wasn't even all that sore today.

Here's my 3rd day resort skiing:

This year has been quite mellow for me.  I've been skate skiing 6 days, and gone on 3 mellow tours with the fam (Nikko in the ergo, and Kai in the ski pulk... so REALLY mellow).   So it was really fun to jump off things...

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