Saturday, March 11, 2017

Another weekend at Pahatsi Totsi.

Wow... there is so much snow at the house!  Check it out.... NOw vs Summer.

Royal Gorge XC in the morning.  Just walked down to Summit Crossing and started.  What a way to start your morning.  Just as good as Folgers...

Sugar Bowl with the boys.  Went to Judah Lodge and the boys charged it all day!  They did 17 runs! And around 10k!  Wow.  Great job Nikko!  And Kai!  The terrain park on Judah was fun, did a few front flips.  Then I squeezed in a lake run at the end while Kimbo drove down to put them down.  Sunset was remarkable, but my phone was dead.

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Pano just down from Donner Peak...

That area looks fun.  I think this is where that snowcat operation goes.   

rabbit tracks

stopped by the overlook...

action back at the cabin... 
Dawn Patrol BC with Jack and Kev in the morning.  We went up the "Forest Service Ridge", then down over by Crow's.  There was lots of bombings, and we were late getting back.

Sugar Bowl with the boys.  We didn't get to the Judah lodge until almost 10, but it wasn't too crowded.  The clouds were still overcast so the snow didn't soften up and it was cooold.  The boys got to ski with Riley and Sully, which they enjoyed quite a bit.  They were quite tired from yesterday and were pretty goofy quickly.  I took a few solo runs during their lunch time.  And I rode my old twin tip Line skis.  The park was fun, am still working on the rails and boxes.

From Judah to home on skate skis... The strava track was butt paused, but I did a long skate... maybe 14 miles?  That was pretty fun.  I'd love to try to get over 25 this year once...

AM jaunt up Soda Springs - went up Soda Springs with skins on from the garage.  Skied right back. That was cool... just to say I did.  The turns were rough.  My green pants were soaked by the time I got back.  There was snow and wind.  And not many exposed skin, including my fingers to take pics.

Sugar Bowl locals day - after Soda Springs, I skied to the house and started shoveling.  Then Kevin told me that I-80 is closed and so he's headed to Sugar Bowl.  Then he texted me at 9 am, saying that Disney opened and there is no one there.  Literally no one.  Except him, a few ski patties, and a lift op.  So I rushed over and joined him for a few hours of amazing lift accessed pow turns.

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And this just happened... Oh M Geee....  I got chills watching the replay over and over...

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