Monday, March 6, 2017

Trimmer with B.

See B?  That's a print-worthy pano...
B about to top out on our 3rd 2k lap...
A beautiful day... wish I had my nicer camera with me

Had an amazing one 24 hr outing up Trimmer with Barrett.  We 1-11ed the 11s on Trimmer, doing 3 laps and going for a "Lemurian day" (a 7k day).  The white room was firing up both nostrils all day long.  The snow felt like Utah and this was quite the blower day.  We were debating where to go and Trimmer was a great choice.  We didn't get a super early start (9 am?) which was a great call... as I had arrived at B's place in Hangtown around 1:30 am after going to Banff Film Fest at the UC Theatre.  Also, a pair of local guys arrived at the trailhead at the same time and broke trail for us for about 90% of the way (they were cruisin'!) and we also used their down tracks to skin up, which helped quite a bit.  On the steep traverses it was full on pole deep!

(shouts out to Smitty for hoooking it up with the upgrade from standing room -> VIP)

Booker getting his morning exercise.
Thanx guys for breaking trail!
Summit pic

The other crew's tracks.

on top of the world... at this point I remember thinking, "there is no where else I'd rather be"
Another print worthy pic...
Here's the 11s.  We doubled the looker's right, and did one on the left once.  The left one is a bit more consistent, but they are both pretty damn good... 

Here's some more pics 

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