Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Mt. Ham 200k Brevet Report

Pano by Sigman... near the top.
Went on my first brevet of the year with Sigman.  A hilly ride on roads that are all familiar to us, which was a nice change.  Starting at Fremont BART and ending at the bottom of Tunnel Rd.  I knew I'd like this ride and we had a great ride.  Sigman called it a "sufferfest" but that's cuz he was on his heavier bike (I was going to take my Kona, but the rear tire blew out 10 min before Sigman picked me up... I took that as a sign) and he hadn't been riding in a while.  We also didn't bring lights, so we knew we had to ride fast... which we did.  From the Junction we rode with Donini, who was a very strong rider and I found out later that she's an Olympic gold medalist (in fencing).  Anyway, we finished the ride with plenty of daylight... and only like 40 min behind Bill (who we lost on our way up Mt. Hamilton).

What's in the pill box?  
Struggling up Ham...

The observatory... shhhh... researchers are asleep!
Snow!  Kinda...
At the Junction.  A tree had fallen on a water line, so they shut down soon afterwards.  We got a drink and some chips here.  
I rode straight to Farm Burger from the finish, where these munchkins were happily eating while Elena and Kimbo were getting ready to go to Banff Film Fest.  I went home, put the kids down, worked on my bikes (fixed about 5 flat tires, lubed up 4 bikes, cleaned up my Ti, and adjusted a few thing)... then crashed.   

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