Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Ecuador! - Part 2: Quito

Went on a run from Papallacta... and the clouds parted for this view!  Que bonita!
 .. writing blog posts a few months later has it's drawbacks.  These memories aren't quite as fresh and the nano stories and micro emotiongs that go along with them are gone (especially from my brain)... but on the other hand... it's nice to look back on some pics with a fresh eye.  A very useful tool is Google Maps Timeline.  Check it out if you don't use it or want to remember WTF you were doing on a certain day.

From Papallacta Hot Springs we returned our rental car and caught a bus into Quito's city center.

 Part 1 here
Some more pics here and gphotos here

the Ecuadorian car seat
drive through ice cream

Old town...

after driving and sitting on a bus for while, it was nice to get out and stretch the legs.  We decided to walk up the hill to Cafe Mosaico to get a lay of the land. 

Good place for brews.  Only expats here...  Near where Jack proposed to Becky for some drinks.

The view

The next morning we went to the National Cathedral for the view.  

The stairs are pretty steep...
Google photo action...

Great views.  Looking South toward the Panicello (the Virgin of Quito).  

Kids playing soccer in full catholic school outfits


War Eagle... at the Mall El Jardin on our way to Parque Carolina

Fresh Halloween!

We took a bus out to Parque La Carolina where we walked around (it was kind of a more artificial Lake Merritt) lots of young couples walking around holding hands.  

Trying out some Quito-an micro brews... they were meh... 

On the way back, we stopped at the Magic Bean for some grub...

On day 3 in Quito I went on a quick run up to the Panecillo... here's the view looking back at the Cathedral.  

Volcanos everywhere!

Crazy Rabid dogs... and old woman saved me from them once... I thanked her profusely, and went in for a hug, but she rejected it...

Tomade de arbol

Pretty good for a post run drink... 

After a hearty breakfast we hit the road.

Policias on Segways.  Ecuador is clearly not 3rd world... 

bye bye Quito!

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