Monday, May 8, 2017

Family trip to Peter Grubb

For Jiselle's annual B-day celebration.  We had quite the adventure getting the kids into Peter Grubb Hut.  We had 8 kids and 8 adults sharing the entire hut.  What an outing!

The scene at the trailhead... dropping kids/gear off and furiously getting ready.  
We took a few breaks, but overall the kids kicked butt.  Kai and Ty led the way stomping their way to the hut.  I was worried about Kai a bit as I didn't really have much room for him and Nikko in the Chariot.  
The Chariot worked quite well.  Hopefully we won't need it for Nikko next year... but then I'll have room to tow in some more provisions.  
Family pic at the pass.  
This is what we looked like... what a beautiful day.  
Soon we were at the entrance.  It's amazing, you have to go down to the second story entrance this year... 
The main entrance... is a scary slip n slide.  
After a quick lunch I went out to harvest some corn solo on Basin Peak.  Saw some fat bike tracks up here... I've gotta try that. 
After getting back, I attempted to get Nikko down for a nap, but he wasn't having any of that.  
back at the hut, the kids were helping out with D
And after dinner, the kids played with the glowsticks all night...
made for some fun pics
After a few bouts of Nikko waking up the entire hut, we all did manage to catch some zzz's
And the other group pic at the hut!
Sara is looking a bit pale here...
Nikko and I went up for a quick lap from the saddle as I knew I'd catch up to everyone on the gently downhill road back to the car.
Stopped by Pahatsi to drop a few items off... who wants to help me re-do our deck this summer???

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