Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our 4th Spring Break in Tahoe!

Another amazing week up in Tahoe with the fam. This was our 4th consecutive year spending spring break in Truckee!  Skiing, skate skiing, ice skating, biking, swimming, sledding, building double decker tunnel slides, etc...
  • First year (2014) - This was Nikko's first trip to Tahoe.  He was still 3 months old, but I took him around in my ergo everywhere!  
  • Second year - very dry year... I went mtn biking and running more than I skied... still had a blast.
  • Third year - still really dry, but I did get to ski chimney at Squaw
This year (4th):
as with previous years, we went to AIM's Spring performance, where Nikko picked his nose and didn't really sing much... 
As soon as I dropped off Kimbo at Winter Wondergrass, I took the kids on the bike ride along the bike path at Squaw
Getting walled on the bike path.  
Next day got in a few quick runs at Sugar Bowl.  
Kai took out his other ride, his uni on the bike path... 
while Nikko slept in the car
The kids trying to find a sledding hill the next morning... 
Ladies at Winter Wondergrass
Good shot of the Mooreheads

The shenanigans going on outside the venue...
Story time!  Led my Jiselle!!!
The Winter Wondergrass spilled over to the resort as well... 
Where the Jon Stickley Trio played at the top of Gold Coast during a nice weather window.  
The kiddos hula hooping in the kid zone...
We did a good job pooping out the kids during our break.
After 3 days of partying at the Environ house, we moved to Pahatsi Totsi, where the 
Yup... still lots of snow at Pahatsi
Kiddos loving the tub
Serene lakes is still frozen over.  From one of my morning skate skiing outings...
We had the propane tank filled while we were up there.  I had to build steps in the snow so they could make it up the bank.  
Nikko, master of the pizza.  
And being stinky
Grabbing Mexican food in town.
The boys took lots of naps in the van
Took the boys in the "ice tunnel" while Kimbo got to ski with the Balesteris.  

Kai peeking through the ice hole.  
The boys napping together.
We checked out the new Truckee Donner Rec Center on the rainy days... which was awesome!!
Water slides, splash pads, this was kid heaven.
We walked down the street to a friend who was renting a house there.   
Check out the original Disney lift
Back at the pool - day 2
in the lazy river
The rain turned to snow that night.
Nikko getting some freshies.
King of Pahatsi!
Liz and Josh came by to check out our double decker snow tunnel... they were actually on their way to city of rocks to do some climbing... 
Hot tub time!
Nap time... 
Ice skating at N. Star
Ice skating train...
The skate skiing was awesome all week...

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