Monday, May 29, 2017

McCloud Falls

Fowler Campground is a pretty sweet spot to camp on your way up to Ashland.  30 min from I-5, so too far off out of the way, and this is waterfall country.  Snow melt from Mt. Shasta feeds this tributary of the Sacramento River, making it an especially fun stop after doing Shasta from Brewer Creek or Clear Creek Trail Heads.

Here's some more info

The kids scarfing up their breakfast
First, from Fowler's we hiked up to Middle Falls...
And I caught a lizard... which Kai really liked.
The ventral view of the Western Fence Lizard
The rainbow from the upper falls.  
And then we cruised down to Lower Falls, which gets the most sun, and has some pools for the kids to play in.  
Kimbo caught a butterfly!
This water is freezing!!!!
The falls were pumping!  Bigger than I've seen it before.  
After our fun day, we made the easy drive up to Ashland so I could make it to my rehearsal dinner for Cam & Athena's wedding.  Here's the kids eating dinner with Evan's kids.  
Story time!
Crazy thunder storm that night.  Preceded by this awesome rainbow.  

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