Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Mt San Jacinto Backpacking with Vaillancourts!

Had an awesome backpacking trip in So Cal!  Yup... Lots of pics, so gonna barge on...

We figured we'd venture south as much as we can this summer as we'd be moving to Oregon in Aug.  So we made plans with Pat and Sid and made plans to go backpacking outside LA around 4th of July.

more pics here

Day 1 - from Tram to Campground

At Pat's... the kids loved the treehouse.
So many lizards in So Cal

Ha! Snow play?  Or so we thought while waiting for the tram in 108 deg heat...

The tram rotates as it goes up 5000 ft.  Pretty awesome.  The Cactus to Clouds trail is right below... and it takes you up 10,000 ft!  I'd like to do that someday.  
as soon as we got off the tram it was a totally different environment.  In the alpine, cool air, snow plants!

It's an interesting set up here, and all the sites are quite far.  Lotus was quite the spot... 

The first day we just hiked 3 mi to the campground.  Lots of day hikers abound.  
the 5000 ft elevation gain will do this for ya... 
Sweet views.  Cali!  Keeps delivering.  

This was peak training for Tahoe 100, so every morning I'd get up a few hrs early and go on a run.  Which was lovely.  
Density below
So nice up here... 
back at camp, Kai was helping out filtering water. 
The boys loved this sausage... 

Summit pano

out camp came with some drums.  Good thing we didn't see any other campers...  

back at the patch of snow.  The boys loved playing here... and they did for over an hour.  

Summit shot!  This was our second summit, FYI... 

had another nice sunrise run

my favorite pic of the trip
We had service here and got to watch the women's world cup!

Once at camp, I decided to go tag that peak behind the ladies in this pic.

Finally got up early enough to get a sunrise shot from the summit.  There were some folks camping here... 

That's Tahquiz... maybe you can squint and see some climbers?

I like how the guys on break were watching home improvement.

back down to the heat!

We went out looking for our post hike meal!  And this place hit the spot!

The shake here came with a cupcake!  In case it wasn't sweet enough?


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