Wednesday, July 24, 2019

La Ruta La Loca - 2019

It's been 5 years since I did my favorite brevet:  La Ruta La Loca.

Easily the most beautiful 200k that is challenging enough to make it quite rewarding.  This time I needed it for a qualifier for PBP.  I got my 600k qualifier during the slightly wet Cabeceras Faro a month prior.

Anyway, I've got a backlog of ride reports, so starting with some pics...

Pre-ride talk with Carlos
Foggy bridge crossing
right off the bat, I had some issues.  Tool bag fell out, tires started rubbing on the brake pads, and boom.  And soon after 
Thankfully I had my own moral SAG support.  Jack and Sigman!  They waited for me wondering if I had been devoured by a Mtn Lion.  
After fixing my tire, catching up with Jack and Sig, I cranked through on my single speed on these fun dirt roads for a while... 
This is where Jack had to turn around... so we took a group shot.
busted cable pic.
Wound up at Black Mtn Cycles (which a lot of rando's have and use).  This guy is da man!  He fixed my bike up, tuned her up real quick and got me moving... 
with enough time to eat some Double 8 ice cream (Buffalo milk yo!!).  Man my hands are dirty... ewww...
Cranking through Paradise loop to barely make it to the cutoff time.
Hate this stop... I mean c'mon 10$ Caprese sandos?  WTF???
Cranking up Old RR as the fog rolls back in.  
Stopping for horses!

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