Monday, March 12, 2018

X-mas in Japan: Part 5 - Omiya Railway Museum, Onsen with my cousins!

With my uncle and aunt (Mas' sister), cousins, and their kids.  
After a night of rest in Kawagoe, I went on a quick run the next morning and we got going again.  This time to the Omiya Railway Museum.... one of Kai's favorite places to go.  I think this was his 3rd time there.  

Here's the rest thus far... 
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Part 2 - Minakami
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Tired boys
Rice fields and mansion - a common sight in suburbia Tokyo.  On my morning run.  
Nikko lost in the "parking lot"
He liked this one

Coffee vending machines!  Hooray, mama will return to her "normal" state of being

After the train museum, we met up with my aunt, uncle and cousins for a dinner at an onsen!

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