Wednesday, April 25, 2018

X-mas in Japan: Part 8 - X-mas in Hiroshima

OK, gotta go through these pics.  It's been 4 month.  Ayee.  But it really is fun going through these pics recalling these fun times.  

Here's the rest thus far... 
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Went on a quick morning run. The mountains surrounding Hiroshima have tons of trails.  Some end up in folk's backyards... so be warned.  
Nice, hazy view of Hiroshima awaits you on every turn.
and there are many "rest areas" on the hike.  With clocks, statues of buddha, brooms, thermostats, benches, etc... 
And lots of maps.
Check out this "street" I ended up on.  Would be tough to fit a RadWagon through this...
The path leading up to the temple.  On a side note, the owner of this car must be a former race car driver.  
Back at the house.  Kai was playing cards... and getting ready for Xmas eve party.
Japanese playgrounds are great.  

After Kimbo and Becca finally got ready we made it to her friend's Xmas eve party.  There were tons of kids there, which was great for Kai and Nikko to interact.  
Kai learning Sushi-Go!

Night night... gotta rest up for another busy day tomorrow... 

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